All our group surf lesson offers

Little beginner session

Beginner group surf lesson

40€/2 hours
  • people 8 people max.
  • cake Starting from 10 years old
  • surfing Equipment included
  • water Practice on seashore

During this course, you will learn the basics of initiation to surfing. The training will be done in a place where you will have your footing, or more offshore, if the waves are small and if you are comfortable.

Little advanced session

Advanced group surf lesson

45€/2 hours
  • people 6 people max.
  • cake Starting from 13 years old
  • surfing Equipment included
  • water Practice offshore

During development, we regularly surf offshore or on the reforms. This implies that you have acquired the beginner level, and also a good physical condition.

All our collective surf lessons in Lacanau

Moby Dick Surf School provides surf courses or surf trainings for all levels: beginner or advanced

We apply ourselves to positioning the time slots according to the tides, the configurations of the sandbanks, this so that you have optimized and safe learning conditions for surfing.

Your surf instructor in Lacanau

Christophe, your surf instructor, offers you an adaptive coaching according to the individual levels, the types of faults and the difficulties encountered, the level of the group in general, the conditions and the weather of the surf.

Group surf lessons for beginners

In general, beginner groups are positioned from low tide to mid-tide so that they can practice in a place where they can walk.

Advanced collective surfing lessons

For the practice groups that are supposed to take waves offshore, we favor conditions more towards high tide. Indeed, when the water level is high, the breaking power is reduced. Then we will gradually seek power according to the progress of each.

The weather conditions for our collective surf lessons

Of course, we are constantly adapting to the Ocean and its complexity, so these are not hard and fast rules. For example, with small tidal coefficients we might have to take surf lessons on all tides.

From one day to the next, the course schedules for the internships will therefore not be at fixed times.

In the event of cancellation of a course due to impracticable conditions, we offer a postponement of the course, or, if applicable, a refund in proportion to the session.

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