During this course, you will learn the basics of initiation to surfing . The training will be done in a place where you will have your footing, or more offshore, if the waves are small and if you are comfortable. The advantage of this formula, because it is collective, is that it is user-friendly. You will progress in surfing while making you "galley buddies". We guarantee you moments of intense emotion.

During this course, you first learn to read the Ocean to understand in which environment you will evolve. Without a board, you apprehend the foam and the current: you slide with the waves already broken, just with your body, this is the essence of surfing, body surfing. 

Secondly, you learn to keep your board facing the foam, to turn it at the right time, to lie down in a balanced way on it.

Then you learn to row with the right timing and the right placement on a foam to progress to the edge, all while steering your board.

Finally, you learn to stand up as quickly and efficiently as possible to follow the foam upright and over the greatest possible distance!

This beginner surf lesson is an initiation that gives you the safety basics and the fundamentals of surfing. You will be able to practice surfing at the edge, without risk. 

If you are comfortable and if your wish is to go further in your learning, do not hesitate to take the BIG BEGINNER SESSION!