What does the advanced surf course in Lacanau consist of?

During this surfing course, real progress will be organized. By setting yourself affordable goals, the first session will serve as a diagnostic and will allow me to get an idea of ​​what you can strive for.

During this course, you will improve your physical condition, your bar passage, your behavior at the peak, your positioning, your wave reading, your trajectories and your technique. At the end of a week you will have gained in ease and efficiency in your surfing, you will have sailed in different types of conditions, your adaptability and your efficiency will only be reinforced.

What are you going to learn during the advanced surf course?

In advanced surfing course, you will learn:

  • the middle reading in order to pass the bar using the forces of the ocean, but also to return to the edge without incident. 
  • safety behavior in relation to waves, currents, other surfers.
  • the placement at the peak so that you can start without danger.
  • mutual aid and communication between surfers of the same group.
  • the anticipation of the coming of the wave.
  • the optimization of your trajectories.
  • the optimization of your technical repertoire

From 13 years old, provided you have fully integrated the prerequisites and are in good physical condition.