The advantage of this formula is to be able to offer an optimized course for children from 7 years old. The VIP SESSION FAMILY allows your surf teacher to be close to the little ones while taking care of the older ones. This is the ideal formula for learning to surf when your group has significant age disparities and you want to share a surf session.

During this session, you will be taught the basics of surfing: how to understand the environment, which places present the least risk for the practice ...

From a technical point of view you will approach how to row, how to get up on the board, how to steer, how to take the foams, the reforms, or the waves.

I will also suggest, if you wish, to teach you how to make your child surf: on what type of wave to position him, how to place him on the board, how to make him go. So you can also reinvest this learning if you go to the beach and want to make your child surf yourself.

Attention for the month of July and August, thank you for contacting us before booking, to see together the availability.