The goal of this course is to bring your children towards more autonomy in surfing. Every day, we analyze the surf conditions, the currents, the waves, and we look at which spots we place in relation to the general level of the group. So your child will no longer throw himself headlong “into the mouth of the wolf!”.

We are also improving our level of surfing. We learn over the first two days to perfect our paddling, our recovery, and our understanding of the functioning of a surfboard and the waves.

From the third day, we can begin to begin a progression towards the open sea, if the conditions allow it. For this, the waves must not be too powerful, because we are dealing with small sizes. This is not about disgusting your child with surfing by scaring him or her.

Your child will learn to ride under the waves, to use the current, and to take an unsurfaced wave. It can even turn and cross the wave! All this, of course, with the benevolent follow-up of Christophe, their surf teacher.

At the end of the course, the young surfer acts more safely. He has gained in autonomy, and his technical repertoire has improved!

Case of parents wishing to surf with their children.

Parents can integrate, if there is room, the group of 10 years and 13 years, provided they respect the progress of the group and the more fun pedagogy.