The advantage of this formula is to advance at your own pace without depending on group progress.

During this session, you learn the basics of surfing . You will be introduced to the understanding of the environment: how the Baines work, where are the currents, what is the quality of the waves for surfing, where you can surf without risk with regard to your level.

From a technical point of view, you improve your oar, you learn to straighten yourself up without flaws in support and with a style appropriate to efficiency. Second, you learn to turn to steer your board across.

If your progress is fast, and if the conditions allow it, you will pass behind in my company to learn to surf undisturbed waves!

How to act to pass the waves, when to turn your board to take the wave, what type of wave to take, where to stand to take a wave, when and how long to row to start on a wave? ... This course is made to answer all these difficulties.

Attention for the month of July and August, thank you for contacting us before booking, to see together the availability.