You want to progress in surfing to be able to take real waves! This internship is for you!

The format of the adult surf course

The course starts on Monday and ends on Friday at the rate of 2 hours per day. The course is an opportunity to face different conditions which improves your adaptability, essential in surfing.

The adult surf course program

During the first session, we tackle the basics of surfing: knowing how to row, move around with your board, understand the waves and their breaking, get up correctly. This session is an opportunity to make a diagnosis on the level and capacities of each other in the group.

During the second session, we improve the recovery and bring variations: how to optimize your support to follow the foam as long as possible, how to steer your board. Depending on the difficulty levels observed, I suggest you surf in “mini working groups”.

From the third session, if the conditions allow it, we begin a progression towards the open sea, and we learn the passage under the waves, the use of the currents, the skirting of the peak, the positioning at sea, and the catch of wave.

Please note, this session plan is not fixed, because we are dependent on two significant parameters: the surf conditions, and the overall level of the group.